Departed Zoroastrian Souls of Jhansi

This page informs viewers about the Dear departed in Jhansi

Photo on left shows a plague at the Jhansi Zoroastrian Aramgarh dedicating the honourable work done by Merwanji Edaljee BOYCE for the community by having a wall erected around land given by the British Military to the Parsis of the time for the graveyard around 1894

The photo on right shows Dhunji Billimoria secretary of Jhansi Parsi Anjuman (on right with spectacles) & Lakshman the caretaker of the Jhansi Parsi Anjuman Aramgarh (with Register of Deceased People in hand) in front of the Main gate entry to the Aramgarh. They have not only maintained the grave area in a clean, beautiful and aesthetic manner but are also custodians of the Register of Deceased People.


In the area, near the Judges compound in Jhansi, in the area called Kutcheri (The Judiaciary) there are 4 graves, and as per Phiroze Boyce they belong to the earliest Zoroastrians who when deceased were buried at this place. At that time the Jhansi Zoroastrian Aramgarh was not there. So these people were buried at this site.

Unfortunately there are no headstones or any type of inscription to be found on the graves. In 2007 when on my visit to Jhansi Filly Boyce very graciously, took me to this site even though with most physical difficulty for himself, and it was an awesome experience, to be at the spot. I just prayed for the deceased and hoped their souls would be in peace.

These graves must be pre 1934. If anyone has any information on this issue we would love to hear from you.

Photos of some Graves in the Jhansi Zoroastrian Aramgarh are at end of this page, so please do scroll down for these.

Headstone of Goolbai Bejonji Olia Headstone of Bejonji Pestonji Olia


List provided by Mr Dhunji Billimoria, secretary of Jhansi Parsi Anjuman. The original old register was recently re-written by orders of the present committee, the original list being in Guajarati & was painstakingly but very lovingly and eagerly translated into English by Katy Keki Khambatta (nee Kolah) and her children Farzana and Arzan, in Pune

Ladies attending annual prayer meeting at Jhansi



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Ervad Dorabjee Panthaky

Pervizbanoo Boyce

Ghaveer Noshir Roowala

Farokh Umrigar

Jhangoo Ogra

Roshni Zahl Tantra

Dosabhai Sheriarjee Elavia
Hoshang Merchant

Capt Freedy Hoshang Merchant

Cawas Bejonji Pestonji Olia

Shera Cawas Pestonji

Dali Bejonji Pestonji Olia

Rohinton (Ronna ) Dali Pestonji

Pesi Gheewala

Dara Mistry

Freny & Minoo Mirza

Jehangir B Pestonji Olia

Rustam Poochajee

Perin & Baji Ardeshir

Kersi Maneckjee

Nadir Merchant

Jamshed Patel

Sohrab & Burjor Bhagal

Nergish and Jehangir D. Jehangir

Mrs. Roshan Minoo Framji (pilloo aunt's mother) who died in Pune

Mr. Pilloo Umrigar (Alamai Umrigars son) who also died in Pune

Many others are not listed here, if anyone has names please do advise us

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